Hi, I’m Keady

You already have everything inside of you to experience your work and life in the most fulfilling way that honors who you truly are.

I’m here to compassionately guide and support you on your personal journey.

As a certified executive and Enneagram coach, Deep Coaching Practicioner, former corporate leader, and college athlete, I have experienced first-hand the demands of balancing work and life. I compassionately guide you in navigating these demands by mindfully practicing self-awareness, and self-care to ignite your personal development path and unleash your fullest potential. 

I draw from my 25-year career as a corporate leader, managing, mentoring and coaching as well as my enneagram, somatic experience, mindfulness and yoga practice. I support my clients to achieve their best personal vision through useful strategies and practices and by cultivating greater self-compassion and self-confidence so they can thrive personally and professionally. I offer the perspective and wisdom of the Enneagram to my clients as an integrative and embodied approach to personal growth. 

My passion and desire for creating a world where all people thrive within their truest nature is matched only by my love for my husband, my dog Riva, writing songs and creating music.

Why KdP? It comes from my name, Keady. Although in Gaelic it’s pronounced key-dee, I’ve always pronounced it like Katie. All my life I was either kead, keady, or keadyp. KdP is a part of my name, my Irish heritage and my life. It also rolls off the tongue nicely! 


“Keady’s open mind and astute listening skills led her to really understand me and what makes me tick.”


“Keady is an excellent coach! During our sessions she was able to come along side me, patiently help me increase self-awareness, guide me to areas of focus, and point me towards techniques that will serve to benefit not only myself, but other collegues, family, and friends indirectly as I put them into practice. I highly recommend her as a coach!”

Get to Know Me!

I am often asked about my transition from being a corporate leader to a coach. In this podcast, I share my own journey and transition as well as how I work with clients using the ancient and elegant tool called the Enneagram to help people understand themselves and to create greater choices in their lives.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” – Anais Nin