Group Workshops

Performance Feedback Workshops

I offer corporate workshops that empower employees and move your organization forward. Workshop topics include:

This workshop is for People Managers, Project Managers, Project Leaders, and Individual Contributors to give impactful feedback with confidence.

Teaching employees the tools to become engaged and empowered participants in their performance feedback process.

Why can certain performance feedback feel so triggering and so personal? In our feedback workshops, Lauren Streb and I teach practices and tools that empower employees and leaders in their feedback conversations. In this video, I share my own experience of feeling triggered by performance feedback around my communication and how I learned to have an open conversation in the midst of my emotional response.

Learn how these workshops can support your needs.

Customized Workshops for Teams

I work with organizations to customize workshops that strengthen their personal interactions, accelerate delivering results as well as individual growth. Workshop topics include: 

“She is so kind and deep and creates this amazing space of non-judgment that feels incredibly safe to allow whatever is ready to come up and really transform at a deep level. “

“She took me to the uncomfortable places in an environment of trust and those led to some breakthrough realizations.”

“I look forward to big life changes that are coming. And I continue to live life with curiosity – thank you, Keady!”