Private Coaching

Reach your career or leadership aspirations with customized personal support

Private Coaching

Private one-on-one coaching is an opportunity for personal exploration, self-discovery, and true transformation. Using a presence-based approach that honors the deep Intelligence of my clients, I support you in loosening long held, limiting beliefs that no longer feel supportive and in clearing obstacles that prevent you from realizing your full potential .

Together we will create a personalized plan that includes strategies and practices that supports growth and enables taking action that feels aligned with your personal vision.

Employer and Individual sponsored packages offered

“Keady Phelan is an exceptional executive coach, who focuses on the specific needs, concerns and issues all women leaders face in the workplace.”

“She has an exceptionally warm demeanor which made me trust her immediately, and she is really great at balancing listening and guiding the conversation.” 

“Her supportive coaching style offers her clients the ability to achieve sustainable results and reach their established goals.”

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