Get More Value From Performance Feedback

Teaching Employees the Tools to Become Engaged, Empowered Participants in Their Performance Feedback Process

As career and leadership coaches, Lauren Streb and I hear the same concerns about feedback from most of our clients:

As former employees and people managers ourselves, we have so much empathy for how challenging these conversations can be. These challenges create roadblocks for employees who want to learn, grow, and create positive impact.

Our Solution

In our customizable workshop, we teach practices and tools that empower employees in their feedback conversations. They learn:

Workshop Format

This 1.5-2 hour workshop can be customized for your team. It includes teaching, group discussion, experiential learning, guided self-reflection, with an invitation for paired follow up to further integrate the strategies learned in the workshop. Each employee leaves with a personalized worksheet that includes steps they can take immediately.

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Meet Your Facilitators

Photo of Lauren Streb

Lauren Streb Coaching
Executive and Leadership Coach

Lauren Streb is an executive coach who guides clients through successful career transitions and the discovery of their purpose and legacy. She is inspired to help clients achieve greater professional impact as well as a gentler, kinder relationship to themselves.

Lauren’s work is informed by 16 years as a manager, mentor, and coach as well as experience as a meditation and yoga instructor.

Photo of Keady Phelan

KdP Coaching
Executive and Leadership Coach

Keady Phelan is an intuitive career and leadership coach who believes we have everything we need within ourselves to have the professional and personal lives we want. Her clients appreciate the non-judgmental, safe space that she creates to allow for personal exploration, self-discovery, and true transformation.

She draws on 25 years as a corporate leader, manager and coach to help clients recognize and bring forth their fullest potential.