What clients are saying

Keady has helped me find another side of my voice. I was struggling to figure out where I fit in venture. I came to realize that I don’t have to be like everyone else and that I can be effective being me. She helped me find authenticity in my voice and to that I am grateful. For those looking to do the same, I feel she has an approach that is comforting and supportive.

Venture Capital G.P.

Keady is an excellent coach! During our sessions she was able to come along side me, patiently help me increase self-awareness, guide me to areas of focus, and point me towards techniques that will serve to benefit not only myself, but other collegues, family, and friends indirectly as I put them into practice. I highly recommend her as a coach!

Director, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

I’m so grateful for every conversation that I have with Keady. Overcome with confusion, anger and pain for months after a travesty of circumstances at work, I was stuck in a swirl of negativity and regret. By asking gentle and insightful questions and guiding me to be curious around the situation, I was able to attain a clearer understanding of my role, energy and ability to not only move past this but also how to manifest the change and improvement that I wanted to see in myself and in my life. This transformation to a happier work life came to me very quickly and painlessly – thanks to Keady.

Talent Advisor

Keady Phelan is an exceptional executive coach, who focuses on the specific needs, concerns and issues all women leaders face in the workplace. Her supportive coaching style offers her clients the ability to achieve sustainable results and reach their established goals. With the use of innovative tools like the enneagram assessment and somatic coaching, Keady creates the container for true transformation, enabling her clients to access all aspects of their intelligence, intellectual, emotional and physical; conscious and unconscious; instinctive and learned. Keady values collaboration, communication, integrity and community (all integral components of the feminine psyche), thereby empowering her clients to fully embrace their authentic selves AND truly express and achieve their full leadership potential.

Former Media Executive

Everyone needs the patient understanding and gentle prompts that Keady can give them. I've done every sort of personality typing at work, some multiple times, and while they always give some insight and a momentary elevated experience with myself and interactions with others, the Enneagram truly gives lasting insights into how and why we behave the way we do. Keady's open mind and astute listening skills led her to really understand me and what makes me tick. She was able to apply the Enneagram typing to help me see the "why" to my actions. She took me to the uncomfortable places in an environment of trust and those led to some breakthrough realizations. One example is my unrealistic expectations I put on myself. Another is the pure pleasure in giving myself permission to just "BE" in the moment. I feel much freer to let go of the control that hinders me and my relationships. I look forward to big life changes that are coming. And I continue to live life with curiosity - thank you, Keady!

Project Portfolio Manager

Working with Keady is so amazing. She is so kind and deep and creates this amazing space of non-judgment that feels incredibly safe to allow whatever is ready to come up and really transform at a deep level. She is brilliant at what she does and you would be lucky to work with her. I highly recommend Keady as a coach and I’m just so grateful to have gotten a chance to work with her.

Life Coach and Energy Healing Accunect Practitioner

Keady's skillful and sensitive attention to my shallow breathing problem made all the difference for me. I am now inhaling more of life with every deep breath I take. And, feeling so much more connected to my body. Thank you, Keady!

Women's Empowerment Coach

I hired Keady for private one on one coaching and I have come so far as a direct result of working with her. She is incredibly skilled at using the Enneagram which helped me delve deeper into my personality and understand myself on a different level. Keady asks the right questions to help me explore who I am while making me feel safe and comfortable. She has helped me to recognize that I have so many more choices than I thought and what to do when I feel stuck. She excels at bringing clarity to situations/issues and honing in on what really matters. She has been instrumental in helping me to align my values and goals while holding me accountable. I highly recommend Keady as a coach and am thankful I’ve had the opportunity to work with her.

Small Business Owner

Keady and I connected at the perfect time - I was dealing with some unrecognized stress and she really helped give me space to step back, reflect, and look closely at the issues holding me down. She has an exceptionally warm demeanor which made me trust her immediately, and she is really great at balancing listening and guiding the conversation. Also the Enneagram tool provided a very useful framework and language for self-reflection. I think that specific piece of the coaching will be what helps me remember the important learnings from our coaching sessions over the next several months and (hopefully!) years. I highly recommend working with Keady.


"Keady is a beautiful light in our wold. She has a deep seated intuitive knowledge. Anyone working with her will be fortunate and learn alot about themselves"

Feldenkrais Practicioner

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